Tracks of the Year

David Ham

Consultant Client Director

Vocal contribution from Elton himself. Typically witty story telling from the hip hop legends.

Lead singer from LA’s Eastern Conference Champions. A real feel good call to arms to end a fairly dark year.

Always got time for DJ Shadow since his Unkle days, this is surely the least P.C track of the year.

The Rage Against The Machine frontman pulls out a complete (and very angry) stomper.

Gotta love the Kings. This title track from their new album is beautifully haunting and fit to grace any previous album.

A musical adaptation of the Biblical Book of Revelation from the ‘666’ album.

Phil Dean

MD aka The #ShoreditchSketcher

Proof that indie guitar music isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping

Pure and perfect pop.

We lost a true legend this year and this song reminds us of that

The Summer soundtrack of 2016.

Iggy’s still got it and this song comes right out of 1985.

Dark and edgy with a paranoid video to boot.

Stripped back classic new wave sounds…fresh as a daisy

Rousing and beautiful in equal measures, my getting off the train at Kings Cross song.

Steve Johnston

Creative Director aka 'The Phantom Rucksack'

Katie Moore

Senior Account Manager

Soundtrack of my life at Uni ... still clutching onto those good old days.

Reminds me of summer family times chilling on the boat.

Chloe Matharu

Account Director

Regular studio favourite usually on a steady Tuesday with the week stretching out ahead of us.

Ibiza poolside surrounded by friends and family in the hot sun.

Because it makes me giggle to think of them as two bedroom DJ’s from rural Surrey who have made it so big.

The song of the summer.

Great driving tune when I’m nipping about in my car.