Boarding Schools' Association

Changing perceptions through a targeted social movement

The Boarding School Association wanted to increase the numbers of home grown UK boarders.

Certain worked with BSA to deliver a highly targeted campaign to introduce new families to the idea of boarding. Our concept was driven by a powerful insight; that children who board in the UK today, love boarding. This simple thought became the whole campaign idea – sharing their experiences of boarding with other children and parents.

The strategy on social media was to activate new conversations from the bottom up, driven by boarding school pupils and heads themselves and supplementing this with a range of paid activity across social media to access new audiences.

The wider campaign activity included events & exhibitions, regional targeted press coverage, and even a UK tour bus which activated the British boarding experience in towns up and down the country and encouraged social sharing. The #iloveboarding message resonated strongly with audiences, from heads of schools, to boarders, their families and most importantly new audiences.

At one of the campaign peaks today 85,000 people were talking about the #iloveboarding campaign idea, and the social media strategy has resulted in over a 100% increase in new user visits to the BSA website.




Website traffic increased by 113% MoM 17,842 on-site session to 37,844.


Peak reach hit over 85,000 people talking about #iloveboarding



104.97% rise in new users, equating to 19,614 people visiting the BSA site for the first time this month

Aileen Kane, Assistant Director at BSA said: “There's never been a better time to board at a British boarding School. We see 90% of pupils proceed to the university of their choice and boarding helps to foster confidence, community spirit, independence and social skills.

"This campaign highlights the many benefits of a boarding school education and challenges some of the misconceptions. It brings together support from schools across the country, current pupils and their parents."

Greater London Authority
Mayor of London

Bringing the world to London

The Mayor of London’s office wanted a social media campaign to raise awareness of London’s incredible New Years Eve firework display in 2016.

It’s an hugely popular event, and every year many people turn up but have to go home disappointed as they don’t realise the event is ticketed and places are limited.

It was our job to bring to life the key messages about how to attend the event through social media and make sure everyone from Londoners to visitors from across the UK and worldwide knew where and when to enjoy the show.

Certain worked with GLA to deliver a rich and varied campaign, encompassing 4 different strands of creative to be used across paid and organic social media, driving people to the website.

The campaign creative included a raft of social shareables from 30 second videos, to GIFs, stills, and tiles - all tested and optimised with targeted messaging throughout the campaign period.




This helped us to deliver a phenomenal click through rate of over 90%, testament to the quality of both the campaign creative and the targeting strategy.



Our video views delivered over 300% more traffic than we had forecast



And with organic social engagement outperforming the set bench mark values for by 1.5% it was overall a successful campaign.